Use these four tried and tested ways to attract more customers into your store

A study by the University of Tennessee, as reported by, found that less than half of retail businesses are still operating four years after the start. On the other hand are those who have been able to become shopping giants like Walmart and Costco. Although the hurdles are surprisingly small in following those steps, there are many ways to ensure success, you get into it.

For a store to thrive, it is obvious that you have to bring in customers, but what better way to do so?

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Digital Signs

Digital signage becomes one of the best ways to attract customers to a retail store. When it was demolished in Hollister from time to time it used the power to display digital windows, almost everywhere today. That’s because they capture our attention, and people naturally draw on screens, thanks to our screen-caring world.

Setting up digital signage using token software, is something you want to do in advance to beat the competition. These brands can do a lot more than traditional store-printed options. They can work together to increase customer engagement. You will be able to control all the signs throughout your store, inside and out, in one place, so it makes it easy to make sure they are up to date and accurate. That also means a timely display.

Curbside Sandwich Boards

All stores should take advantage of the outdoor space by placing a sandwich board with nice and discreet messages on the front. Not only does it keep an eye on everything that’s going on, from new products to retail, it increases blocking and also encourages passers-by to take photos and post them on social media, placing your store there in front of the eyes above.

Nice, Well-Store Store

While not a new phenomenon, a well-maintained storefront with a nice ad helps greatly in attracting customers. Look at your store outside as if you could see it with the eyes of a passerby. Does it make you want to get in? Are the windows dirty, are there any signs of damage? If it doesn’t look good, customers will be less likely to enter, and less likely to buy.

Make sure you sweep ahead and clean the windows daily. If you are in a popular area that gets a lot of walking, create a window display that tells the story and tells it well. It should be an invitation for a hard-to-reach entry, with all your best features in the front and center.

Promotional Events and Specials

Consumers love competitions, drawings, and lotteries so you will want to take advantage of promotional events to attract customers. They may be encouraged by social media and your website, but to get in and win, they need people to enter the store. You can also use your sandwich board to highlight special store items, such as discounts, but keep in mind that this does not have to be an incentive. For example, you can provide a handwritten demonstration of a product, spread the word by announcing a flash sale on social media or via an email blast with an embedded coupon.

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