Tips for Online Shopping for Flipkart Sales and Amazon

Flipkart and Amazon Sales; Online shopping is no longer a difficult task as it has become popular all over the world due to benefits such as door delivery, discounts, better prices, and much more. Moreover, online marketing takes these benefits to the next level. In this article, we will talk about tips and hacks that can be used in Amazon and Flipkart sales are undoubtedly the best online retailers in India. Other than that, you will know how to save a lot with future sales from these markets.

Read the Bank Offering T & Cs Well

Most Amazon and Flipkart sales offer an immediate 10% discount on payment by credit card or bank card provided by Bank or EMI. This 10% discount is limited to a certain amount (Rs 1500 on average). Next, you can get bank offers on No Cost EMI and therefore check. Sometimes, there are restrictions on the type of debit or credit card so write with it. Otherwise, there may be a small transaction to be made in order to obtain the bank’s offer.

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Wishlist & Wait

It is possible that the products you intend to buy at the beginning of the sale are available at a lower price as the sale progresses. Simply, Wishlist or Add-to-Cart all your products are needed at the beginning of the sale and wait for a while (maybe up to a day). Don’t forget to write down their prices while wishing for a wish list. After the wait, prices may drop as Amazon and Flipkart will enjoy serving customers even at a lower price. One danger here is that the product can get out of stock. If it is a high-quality product then there is no need to worry, but with some things try to close the contract immediately. If your cart is too high (over 50k or 1 lakh) you can call the customer care team at a mass discount.

Have a smooth and fast checkout

You may face problems with an exit if you fail at address, payment details, use of coupons, bank offers, etc. If the order fails you will need to retry. During the re-attempt, you may experience issues such as price fluctuations, “bank overdue” delays, stock outages, and more. Therefore, it is important that you have a smooth and fast payment at the time of sale. So, keep your payment details with the correct address, keep coupon codes or correct gift card codes, have a strong internet connection, and so on.

See Real Sales DiscountsFlipkart and Amazon Sales

Before (perhaps 15-30 days before) the sale, record the price of the product you want. Therefore, when selling first you can compare the price (not forgetting the bank offer and other sales rewards) with the previous sales price to check the actual sales discounts. Additionally, compare prices on other online shopping sites as well. If the site offers the same product at a lower price then check the product details (expiration, warranty, etc.) properly so that its quality is not compromised.

Save more with coupons, deals, and cashback offers

Both Amazon and Flipkart strongly promote their coupons online. These coupons can be used to exit earning extra savings. Some products display coupons on the product page itself so you don’t have to go anywhere to get them. However, there are many products you need to get coupons from. There are many websites (beware of false ones) that collect coupons in one place to be of great help. In addition, these sites offer the best deals ever and continue to offer you the best deals.

There are also websites (also, beware of fraudulent ones) that offer you money back on a purchase. So, you end up with the sale price and return the money. Generally, refunds on these sites can be used for online purchases or can be transferred to a bank account.

Buy With CommitmentFlipkart and Amazon Sales

Online shopping is the next big thing now because of its amazing benefits. It is possible for people who save money to spend more than they budgeted at the time of the sale. Yes, it is possible to save a lot, but moving your important budget can affect you over time so buy with commitment.

Only Take Gifts

Amazon and Flipkart have their offer for mobile app and games queries. Here, you just need to play for free to win cash prizes and other exciting rewards. Current Amazon Prime Day sales are plentiful as the prizes include Amazon Pay balance, cell phones, electronics, discount coupons, and more. This is only available in the mobile app.

Take advantage of Special Credit Card Benefits

Amazon and Flipkart have their own special credit cards, Amazon ICICI Bank credit card, and Flipkart Axis Bank credit card respectively. If you buy with them at the time of sale and earn reward points add to your savings. The Amazon ICICI Bank card currently offers 5% points on Prime Day sales. In addition, when you apply for the card for the first time, you can get a free wallet and other great rewards.

Flash Sales

During the sales days, Amazon and Flipkart promote flash sales to meet their customers. This sale is only valid for the scheduled time so check the time on the sales pages. You can find your items at the best price here so take a look.

Now, let’s take a look at How You Can Save More on Upcoming Sales from Amazon and Flipkart.

Maintains Amazon Prime Day Future Sales Tips (26-27 July)

Here are some important shopping tips for upcoming Amazon Prime Day sales.

Best time to be a member of the Amazon Prime Minister

If you are not a member of Amazon Prime then this sale is a good time to sign up. Annual membership costs Rs 999, but you can get it for Rs 849 eg Rs 150 savings! Follow the steps below to get the most out of this offer.

Buy 1 year of Prime for Rs 999.

  • Visit the Amazon Rewards section and collect a “15% rebate on Prime Day orders”.
  • Buy min Rs 1000 during Amazon Prime Day sale.
  • You will receive Rs 150 from your Amazon Pay wallet Awithin 24 hours (preferably fast).

Capture Great Day Deals

There are many Prime Day deals designed to catch up, but what’s more, is a question. Here, the best in terms of discounts, additional savings, and user feedback. Well, you will get all the Best Deals in one place here on Amazon Prime Day Sale. You will find all the best deals in one place here at Amazon Prime Day Sale.

The Last Big Hacks in Flipkart Big Saving Days Sale (25-29 July)
Flipkart’s Big Saving Days Sale will be next to the Amazon Prime Day Sale so you have the opportunity to shop at very low prices.

Pre-Book before Sale

Flipkart made pre-book sales (21-23 July July 2021) before real sales where customers can hold products at a much lower price than the sale price (not guaranteed). Not all products are available for pre-booking so if the product has a “Pre-Book” tag you can only purchase it for yourself. Also, check the retail price, retail price, and pre-booked contract price for actual savings. You can book first by paying Rs 1 per product. You need to pay the balance by 24-25 July. It may be that the bank’s offer does not apply to pre-booking deals so check that out.

See Top Deals at Flipkart and Amazon Sales

As we said about Prime Day, Flipkart Big Saving Days can also be put to good use with its high-end deals. If you are not planning to buy anything then look at these Flipkart Big Saving Days Sale deals that can get your long-awaited product (due to the high price) for you.

We hope these tips and hacks will help you get the best Amazon and Flipkart shopping experience.

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