Learn basic steps to build a Tennis Court

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a tennis court and installing this type of infrastructure is often expensive. However, a tennis court can enrich your health and help you exercise, socialize, and relieve stress. With a little creativity and a focused mindset, you can build a tennis court.

When you are doing this work or hiring a team, here are a few things to consider if you want to build a tennis court.

How big is a tennis court?

Of course, the size of your tennis court depends largely on the size of the land you own. The minimum height of the court is 120ft, and the minimum width is 60ft, at 7200 square meters. If you do not have a large tennis court, contact a professional to see if you can change the size and style of the tennis court.

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How to fix the court

The installation of a tennis court begins with land reform itself. If the area needs to be covered and leveled, you may need to hire a heavy-duty filling machine and level the soil. Keep in mind that renting equipment and the right tea to use will cost extra. Usually, the team will use a mini excavator to prepare the tennis court.

Next, you need to start with the basics of the court. You need the same layer of rubble and stones to build a flat court area. If your land has a natural tendency, you need to make sure your team puts in a water collection and water collection system before placing any building materials. When you’re done, you can start laying down the geotextile membrane, paving it, and installing the sub-base and the sports field of your choice. The materials used and the complexity of the installation process will depend on the terrain you are facing.

It is best to go for strong and durable materials – such as crude concrete. Some people go down, made of modern grass or down. Concrete, however, offers additional resistance to cracking, cracking and lifting, and lower repair costs. It lasts a long time and is good for playing tennis.

How to put a line in a tennis court

You can use a brush or line marker to make your tennis court come alive. On average, 1.6inches wide is used for court marking and prevents oil from spreading throughout the court. Invest in high-quality marking paint that can withstand the test of time. Before you start marking, make sure the court is clean and apply moss treatment everywhere. Perform regular maintenance to ensure that everything is in excellent condition.

Building a tennis court is a good job you can enjoy in the years to come.

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