Latest Tech News Apps for iOS and Android

People are always traveling in the modern world and love to read from Tech News Apps to find enough space to read newspapers or to find headlines on TV. One can stay up to date with various Indian news apps that give you all the latest news updates, current headlines on domestic and international technology developments, and much more.

Most of these apps are suitable for both Android and iOS phones. They can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android. This is very easy to keep up to date with current affairs and developments.


If you love to read, then you need moderation. Medium is a great web app with funny, original, creative, and Interesting content. The mobile app is more reliable and comes with sound; instead of learning, users get it by doing their job. There are many interesting articles distributed by people from the Tech Industry. Medium providers are experts from various Tech businesses and record their experiences. Users need a membership subscription to receive unlimited articles. Medium is another great option if you want to find a different hope in Tech News.

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TechMeme is one of the best support to get updates on what is happening in the tech world and stay on top. Over time, the people of TechMeme have become much better at finding important news. The homepage deals with a piece of information and a brief description if you want to use more details in a small space or just want news headlines.


DailyHunt is one of the most popular news hunting apps in India that brings you hyperlocal news with a few clicks. It covers an important part of the world with information and provides you with the latest news and updates you on politics, technology, local issues, health, and much more, for free. Plus, they are great apps for getting customized and customized updates.

Tech News Apps


It is one of the best tech news apps that includes daily technical updates across the range. And it supports stories in the style of inquiry, as its name implies. It is packed with a host of educational and up-to-date technical features. Flipboard publishes a variety of industry magazines so you can subscribe to the latest technology issues of your choice. You can find various Magazine applications for Production, Social Media, Apple News, Android, etc. You can also publish your magazines and add articles from the web.


This app is similar to Flipboard; the only difference is the media. Sign in using social networking sites or create a Feedly email account. Feedly collects its information from a variety of sources such as blogs and news forums. And the good thing is that you can choose from any source you would like to have news and updates. It makes sense to create customized fields for organizing different types of communication and feeds under Personal Feeds. You must select a source and paste it into the class you created in your personal feed. Also you can rearrange the themes between dark and light depending on your preference. You can check out any stories later and watch them in the reading section later. Going forward, testing gives you trending information on a variety of topics; swipe up to explore more. You can share feeds on different communication platforms.


The Inshorts app is designed to make top news apps available anywhere. It determines the most relevant news topics for you on a daily basis and provides a short and effective summary of 60 words with all features and information. The app news format contains only important details and summaries and there are no assumptions that make the app one of the best daily news platforms. In addition, one of the simplest news apps provides the latest news and updates from all categories and customized content according to user preferences.


TechCrunch (TC) was started by Michael Arrington in 2005. It is one of the most trusted tech blogs in the world. It is the opinion of many entrepreneurs to get cover at TechCrunch. TC presents a good idea of   where Tech’s business is headed with the next exciting technology and products. TC blogs are compiled with the opinions of their authors mixed with the latest news, scoops, and reviews. You should have the TechCrunch app on your phone if you are looking forward to getting exciting updates, and again, you can hold a company to get updates. The award-winning site is a major source of more than 14 million people every month, while the group also hosts important industry meetings and events, including Disrupt and many meetups around the world.


Newsy is one of the best news apps available on the Android platform. It is one of the most reliable and well-recognized news apps in the US and one of the leading video reading platforms. The app will have short videos and news pieces that provide a summary of the news item covering all the important facts and statistics. The app will have a wide range of news categories, including national, international, health, entertainment, science and technology, sports, and business. These news features found in the app are researched and presented in the form of a video, making the news more reliable.

Opera News

If you are looking for free Android news apps, there is no better option than Opera News. It’s free, fast, and customized, which means it can give you the latest news, videos, and real-time updates easily accessible. In addition, the app works in many languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Urdu, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, and more. Due to its personalized and customized news features, it is considered one of the best news apps on Android and iOS. It also saves a lot of data, and you can read your favorite stories offline.

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