Joe Biden News – Israel FM makes first visit to Morocco since ties normalized

Joe Biden News: The visit of Foreign Minister Jair Lapid is the first of Israel’s top strategists, Since; relations have been improved in December; for the last 12 months.

Israeli Foreign Minister Jair Lapid has left Morocco for what would be Israel’s first official since the 2 nations developed their ties for 12 months.

Israel and Morocco agreed in December to renew political ties and resume direct flights under an agreement reached by former US President Donald Trump.

As part of the agreement, Washington reaffirmed Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara, in which there was a 20-year-old Moroccan dispute with the Algerian-backed Polisario Front, a proposal seeking to establish a neutral state within the territory.

Leading a delegation of ministers, Lapid will present the Israeli embassy in Rabat, visit the Bel-El Temple of Casablanca history and continue talks with his Moroccan counterpart Nasser Bourita, Lapid said.

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“This historic visit is a continuation of a long-standing friendship with the deep roots and traditions of the Jewish community in Morocco, and a large community of Israel with a Moroccan origin,” Lapid said ahead of the two-day trip.

More Detail:

Morocco was regarded as one of 4 Arab countries; – along with the United Arab Emirates; Bahrain and Sudan – to agree to settle relations between the 12 months of Israel under US-made provisions.

The Palestinian people have been instrumental in the traditional delivery; claiming that the Arab states once again; laid the groundwork for peace by leaving a long-running; demand for Israel to reclaim land occupied by Palestine before; it was recognized.

The December proclamation had sparked riots in Morocco, the site of several protests against the transfer.

In May, hundreds of Moroccans marched on cities across the country to drop an 11-day Israeli bombing on the Gaza Strip; as the ruling Justice and Development Party demanded the closure of an Israeli workshop.

US President Joe Biden News has expressed interest in building a new Israeli alliance, which Lapid has prioritized since taking office in June as part of a coalition that replaced longtime Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Just 5 weeks ago

Lapid made the historic first visit by the Israeli foreign minister to the Joe Biden News, where he selected Israeli relations with the Gulf Arab country and highlighted issues of their hostility to Iran.

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Two Israeli carriers have launched non-stop commercial flights to Marrakesh from the last month of Tel Aviv; but hopes for a comprehensive tourism; bonus have been; delayed due to the COVID-19 in every country.

Meanwhile, Lapid wrote on Twitter: “Taking a trip to Morocco!”

The North African nation owns the largest Jewish community in the world; with a population of about 3,000.

They are the living things of the group very quickly. About 700,000 Jews from Morocco now live in Israel.

Morocco and Israel have maintained contact points for the past nineteen years; before closing down on the entire second Palestinian Intifada; or rebellion, which lasted 5 years since 2000.


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