It’s Probably Time To Talk About Resolution Of Graphic Card

Resolution Of Graphic Card: Every computer screen is composed of tiny parts known as pixels. The resolution you choose determines the number of pixels that appear on your display. More pixels means more visual clarity, resulting in clearer, crisper images.

Here’s a comparison of the size of the most common resolutions for computers:


The most common resolution for modern gaming is 1920×1080. It’s also called 1080p. To get a higher number of pixels, a more sought-after resolution is 2560×1440 or 1440p. At present, the top range of resolutions available for consumer screens, you can find 3840×2160 which is also known as ultra-high resolution 4K. 

You could see that 4K resolution is more pixels than 1080p. This results in a four-fold increase in demands on your graphics card when gaming PC games.

Producing large amounts of game pixels with resolutions such as 4K requires huge amounts of VRAM. This means you’re likely to require a premium graphics card in order to play games at resolutions of 4K. Check quadro p5000 price in india

In essence, 2GB will suffice to play most PC game at 1080p. 4GB is the best to play games that are extremely demanding at 1080p, or for most games at 1440p. And you’ll likely need more than 6GB of VRAM before you can even try an intense PC game with a resolution of 4K at least if you don’t mind your framerate being similar to slideshows.

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These are just guidelines. The latest, more efficient memory technology like High Bandwidth Memory, or HBM will ease the need for memory in the near future.

  • Stream processors
  •  (AMD) or CUDA cores 
  • (NVIDIA) 

are the GPU’s processors that run the calculations needed to create images on the screen. 

They are also used for other kinds of complicated math and number crunching like the mining of cryptocurrency, or modeling patterns in weather.

GPU clock speed is how fast the GPU. The general rule is that higher speeds indicate that the GPU is able to perform tasks faster and also has an increased frame rate when gaming. 

However, just like CPUs, clock speed is different for each group of GPUs which means that you can’t evaluate the performance of this GPU and presume that it will accomplish tasks faster or less than an NVIDIA GPU of NVIDIA with different clock speeds.

To fully comprehend a GPU’s capabilities and performance, it is essential to review all its specifications, and there are many.

If you’re looking to get an approximate estimation of how a GPU performs in comparison to other GPUs then you can multiply the stream processors’ number by the speed of their clocks. 

Compare that number to the 290X, which is (2560 947) 2.4 billion and we can confidently conclude that the 290X is significantly superior to the 270X even though the 270X has a faster clock speed. Check out nvidia quadro p5000 price in india

Therefore, a higher clock speed and an increased number of stream processors are two good things; however, you cannot analyze a single feature to determine how well your graphic card performs.

Most of the time, the most efficient and easiest method of determining the best video card for your needs is to look up real-world gaming benchmarks. Benchmarks are measured using frames-per-second, also known as FPS; which refers to the number of images from games the card can render in a second.

Frame rates that are higher are more effective; with 60 FPS is a great framerate to strive for when PC gaming; though games with slower speeds can be easy to play with about 20 FPS a

games that are fast-paced could benefit from even more frame rates that are higher than 60 FPS.

To show how you can evaluate graphics cards using benchmarks for gaming; let’s take a look at some benchmarks from TechSpot for Witcher 3, currently an extremely demanding game.

Here are the frame rates at 1080p on Ultra-quality. We can see that the NVIDIA GTX 980 has an average of 56 FPS; whereas our AMD R9 290 is averaging 36. The 270X is able to only manage 14 frames per second, and makes it impossible to play.

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1080_Ultra copy

As you move up in resolution from 1440pp, frame rates fall to 40 FPS on the GTX 980. On those with 290 FPS, you can see the framerate drop to 28; which is still playable however, it is far from the ideal 60+ FPS. The 270X is fully slideshow-like with 10 FPS.

1440_Ultra copy

For benchmarks in 4K We’ll switch to a different vendor, GamersNexus, because they test slightly more powerful configurations.


4K is an extremely high resolution in The Witcher 3. Two GTX 980s can average 42 FPS at 4K resolution. The GTX Titan X, with its 12 gigabytes of RAM is able to only achieve 36 FPS in 4K, however; one GTX 980 is able to achieve 26.

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