How to Make an Icon-based Logo for Free

If you want to design an icon-based logo, you will undoubtedly have various icons to stand your logo design. It isn’t effortless. All you should do is search carefully for the ideas that your competitors put in the same field. You can use the best websites specialized in visual identity and professional designs until you finally find what you want and how you put in your mind from the first moment you tried to create a unique logo design.

With the help of many websites specialized in designs, it is no longer as difficult as before. Many websites carry hundreds of templates and drawing tools that help implement logo design with ease, even if you do not have long experience in design.

Some websites support the ability to design a logo in less than five minutes. Suppose you type a logo design method in the search engine. In that case, hundreds of websites will appear that help you create the logo for your company with clicks, and most of these programs are supported for free. You also will not need to pay fees to be able to use it or deal with it.

And before designing your logo with these easy-to-use logo makers, you should learn some rules.

To be able to design an icon logo, you must follow the following steps:

First, you must determine the goal of the logo design because you will go a long way in the design path by choosing the colors and type of design to produce a professional logo, and you have to know if the logo is for a website or an online page. 

Second, choosing the formula is essential, which most design programs provide you with. You can choose from among them according to what suits your logo, for example:

  • JPG format for paper publications.
  • SVG for web application designs.
  • PNG is suitable for online websites and social media pages.
  • TIFF is suitable for larger prints because it is an uncompressed, high-quality format.
  • EPS supports the vector technology that most design software and print companies can handle.

Third, you must have a set of ideas in your mind and test them on sample mockups before you implement them on the ground. There are many sites where you can inspire unique ideas and make visual feed through, such as the Behance, which puts you on a way of imagination and thinking similar to that of professional designers.

Fourth, you have to determine the appropriate type of logo. For example, some logos depend on simple symbols, such as Apple, and some logos rely on color manipulation, specifically in the background.  

If you follow these steps when designing your logo, you will now be able to design a symbol logo, and you also have to take care of choosing the design style. Do you tend to be classic, modern or creative, known as breaking the rules or freedom, as the designer’s imagination inspires it, or tend to simplicity and choose calm colors with a maximum of two colors?

Well, you can get your ideas to actual practice with the help of online logo makers. These logo makers can help you do the logo design in a few clicks.

Top 6 free websites to make a logo online


This tool is one of the most used and most accessible sites used in designing logos.  You can easily register through your Gmail account on the site to use this tool. After that, you can search for a suitable logo from the many logos to modify it according to what you want. And then, you can modify the text inside the logo, change the image inside, and adjust the sizes. etc., after completion, you can save the logo and use it easily.


DesignEvo is one of the most used tools in logo design. It contains over 10,000 logo templates, icons, and fonts. The best of best, it gives you the option to preview the logo result for business cards, T-shirts, websites, and notebooks, so you can know what your logo looks like when you print it. At the same time, this logo maker allows you to download logos in various formats: SVG, PNG, PDF, and JPG. Or share it directly without having to download it.


With Squarespace, you can instantly see your new logo on apps like a business card, website, and company T-shirt. The simplicity of this logo maker makes it extremely easy to use. You can create a logo for your business in seconds. Once you are done using the logo, save it and start using it right away.


Even if you are a beginner, Turbologo is a very easy-to-use tool. It contains many templates, logo designs, images, fonts, and other graphics that help you create the logo very quickly. This platform gives the ability to use the brand logo on any social network: Instagram or Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or YouTube.

5 best-paid platforms for making logos online


It offers five different pricing plans for users to choose from.

  • Basic plan: $19.99 if you want to create a custom high-resolution logo and the file format is JPG.
  • Standard plan: $39.99, you will have the right to modify the logo at any time in high resolution, and th e file format is JPG, PNG, PDF.
  • Pro: $99.99. This plan has a lot of add-ons, including AI files and social media covers.
  • Platinum: $199.99 for companies looking for distinctive logos with commercial rights reserved, and the files are even available in PSD format.
  • Finally, you can use its custom logo design service for $99.99.

Freelance websites

Upwork, Fiver, Freelancers. These provide you with many professional designers at different prices. They provide the designer with a summary of your work and offer you a set of options according to the pre-agreed price.

Design studios

Many companies specialize in graphics design, whether designing logos or other designs, business cards, brochures, product covers, packaging stickers, social media designs, and advertisements.


Do you want to design your symbol logo after reading this post? It is no longer a dream for non-designer to create a free logo with user-friendly logo makers.

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