Get Your Restaurant and Hotel up and Running

Are you thinking of opening a restaurant? You are in good company, as many people dream of owning their own restaurants or bars. Don’t know where to start? You are not alone there, either.

The fact of the matter is: unless you have ever had a bar or restaurant before; you do not know much about what you will learn after going through a bad sea in the restaurant industry. Here are a few basic things to consider if you are among the many who believe that they have what it takes to own a restaurant.

Have a working knowledge of all the positions

There are people out there who truly believe that because they enjoy eating in restaurants; that they can easily run a restaurant and make it a success.

There are some people out there who believe that because they have succeeded in some of their endeavors in life; and they like to eat food, that they can easily run a successful restaurant, get a Michelin star rating, and have a show on cable TV. Both of these types of people are often wrong.

The idea that “anyone can work in the provision of food” may be true of some start-up jobs; but still, not just “anyone” can do those jobs very well, usually.

This is the basic premise of the “I can run a restaurant with one arm tied behind my back” way of thinking of someone who has never worked in a restaurant for the rest of their lives.

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Start small, work your way up

If you really want to be proficient in using a restaurant, small or large; you will work in other restaurants and get practical experience in the back of the house (kitchen) and in front of the house (dining room).

These are two very different types of tasks that require hard work; and finesse to be able to, on both sides of the table. A good restaurant owner, who understands his restaurant and how it works; knows how to do all the work in the area, from the dishwasher to the bartender to the chief chef.

If you have enough money to hire a general manager who can say they have a working knowledge of all the positions in the restaurant, that is the next best way to get to know those positions yourself.

That means, even a good general manager will not have the same type of financial benefit you would have as a restaurant owner, and they may decide to leave at any time, leaving the owner in charge of the ship.

Another issue is those types of managers, especially experienced managers who are extremely honest; and willing to sacrifice their personal lives to make someone else’s business thrive, are very difficult to find, and often very expensive to keep on board.

Decide on Your Diet

You may think this is the easiest part, but it is not. If you have previously worked as a chef, you probably have a better idea of what type of food would be best and would best reflect your knowledge base or diet.

That said, depending on your restaurant, this can be frustrating as you find that your favorite food is not for sale in a particular part of the country; or for the people who are there that make up the majority of your customers.

Finding a good menu includes your working experience with your kitchen staff; the types of restaurants that will fit in the area you will open, price points that will give you a competitive profit line (while also boosting sales value); and a full understanding of the people you will be trying to sell your food to.

This is a complex mix that often requires some trial and error in order to get ready for this critical first year of operation. If you are too far away on an opening day; you may find another figure in the seaside of broken restaurants available in USA history.

While putting your best foot forward in a stable society can be very scary; the most reliable type of food you can sell is usually the one with the perfect knowledge of how to make and do something.

If you are proud of your cooking, and you have the kind of confidence that can treat chair food critics; then you should be able to judge very well what foods you eat on your restaurant menu without a second guess; and make menu changes to always try to please everyone.

Protect Your Debit

Finding the money to open up is often the worst thing, as is the case with most creative projects. Finding out how to borrow money for your restaurant can be one of the most confusing things to you; so it’s a good idea to use professional help to guide you on the most expensive route to get the restaurant off to the start.

If you have been planning to make a transition from a restaurant employee to a long-term owner; then you may have been given the authority on how difficult it is to withdraw money to get started. And if not, then you are ready for a rude awakening (unless you are likely to have a rich; generous man somewhere).

If you open a good restaurant with a full bar; the cost can be estimated at $ 450,000 to open a “normal” place in major cities around the United States.

You can choose a low-cost restaurant, which may be less expensive; but whatever it is, opening a restaurant from scratch is an expensive business venture, and will require a lot of money to get out.

Close your legal bases

Another awesome and costly part of opening a restaurant is the part that requires a combination of public health codes; obtaining licenses and insurance for the use of a liquor outlet; and all the various agents who appear and appear to need their hands on it.

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