Germany under heavy floods

Germany under heavy floods: At least 80 people have been killed and hundreds more are missing in Germany after decades of severe flooding. Recorded rains in western Europe caused rivers to burst their banks; destroying the region. Secondly, Belgium also reported at least 12 deaths after bad weather; with political leaders blaming climate change.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has pledged her full support for the victims.

In Germany, the Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia provinces were severely affected. During a visit to the worst-affected area Armin Laschet by the Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia. He blamed the worst on global warming and said measures to prevent climate change should be expedited.

Scientists have repeatedly warned that man-made climate change will bring more rain.

Moreover, Netherlands has also been hit hard by floods in Luxembourg and Switzerland.

In the western German state of Ahrweiler; as many as 1,300 people are missing, authorities said. A local government spokesman said mobile phone networks had been shut down; making it difficult to communicate with many people.

The town of Schuld (population 700) was almost destroyed. A large dam near the Belgian border, Rurtalsperre, is functioning and overflowing, officials said.

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Heavy rains are expected throughout the region on FridayHeavy Floods

About 15,000 police officers, soldiers, and paramedics are on the scene to assist with the search and rescue; and helicopters have taken homeless residents from the roofs; and tanks and cleared the fallen tree roads and debris.

In the city of Erftstadt-Blessem, floodwaters caused a series of houses to collapse completely or partially. Help calls were heard from buildings, whose residents could only be reached by boat.

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