Do you know Anne Boleyn gets engaged on entertainment stage

Anne Boleyn gets engaged; Natalie Pilkington from six parallels said she was “very bad” when beautiful Andy McGuire knelt on one knee after the end of the show. After answering “yes”, the Leeds Grand community went awry, and all the other actors threw in confetti. Pilkington praised that he had no plan for McGuire.

Pilkington is best known as the “swing” actor, who played several roles in the UK’s production tour of Six – noisy chaos that turns Henry VIII’s wives into Beyoncé and Ariana’s mirrors. On Saturday, she starred Anne Boleyn, the part she played for the first time on the tour last month.

He believed that Andy had planned it all. Andy arranged with the office at Six and his agent to make sure he would be on stage, but he had no plan at all.

He said he had been told there would be a love announcement at the end of Saturday night. When Henry VIII’s collaborators gathered in a noisy concert, the Six Six’s music has a victorious, powerful ending. However, at Saturday night’s entertainment in Leeds Grand, there was an additional reason to celebrate. Actress Natalie Pilkington was surprised to find her partner, Andy McGuire, arrive on stage and make a brief speech about restoring “something sound back on stage” after the tragedy caused by the epidemic.

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McGuire then knelt on one knee to lift, Pilkington said yesAnne Boleyn gets engaged

When the theater exploded, a group of supporters put on this confetti. Pilkington is a “swing” player who did various courses on the UK’s Sixth Tour. On Saturday, she starred Anne Boleyn, a position she held for the first time on the tour last month. In the performance of Lucy Moss and Toby Marlow; which began from the student program at the Edinburgh festival to the West End break; each of the six wives holds the lead voice in their tune. Boleyn’s crazy song, Don’t Lose Ur Head, is one of the most humorous as he recounts how he and Henry tried to escape; but the priest said no.

McGuire said he and Pilkington met during theater four and a half years ago; and that he and the other Six players were seriously missing out on stage throughout the epidemic. The morning after the proposal, Pilkington wrote on Twitter that for now; he would not be able to pass last night! And he was frustrated with all the good messages and tweets. He promised he had read everyone! Leeds Grand entertained the couple on Twitter with the news, saying what a way to end the week.

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It is not the first word in the conclusion of a happy marriage proposal. Devon and Wilson promised each other at the 2016 Kinky Boots hit show on Broadway Boots in 2016. Recently, the actor returned to the spotlight after working as a teaching assistant at a special needs school when the stages closed at the start of the epidemic. He said he believed McGuire had devised several ways to investigate the matter; but was confused as anything he could withhold later was canceled.

Six lives began in the Edinburgh Fringe in 2017 and went on to develop a West End smash. It won five Olivier Awards nominations and was made the next best selling point in Chicago and Broadway. The latest UK tour continues until September 2022. The production of West End is now at the Lyric Theater until 29 August 2021.

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