Add 7 easy steps to daily exercise routine and stay healthy.

Make It So Easy to Say “No”

The most effective way to start a good exercise routine is to make it as easy as possible even if you don’t have the energy and motivation. In other words, make this task so easy that it is impossible to say “no” Walking for half an hour around a neighbor, hiking in the woods with a friend, or even a sea trip to a yoga class.

Select Variety

There is no such thing as an independent posture to stop the exercise process. Diversity is important in maintaining an active life, so start exploring your options. You do not need to go to the gym every day to exercise.

Keep a Record of Your Exercise Routes

Recording each type of exercise you do during the week is not only great to keep track of your strenuous journey, but it also serves as a reliable reminder to keep going. If you look back on your first schedule in six months, you will be amazed at how far you have come.

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Make a Habit First, Then Buy Something Else

Spending all your energy and buying a home gym or membership of a health club that costs jokes to exercise regularly can cause you to fail. If you want your new habit to focus, focus on making it a habit first.

Enjoy Before Effort

Make your exercise more enjoyable than it will be for the result. You may have made something a habit if you enjoy it.

One change at a time

Moving forward with the many changes in life at the same time can lead to failure – so start with one change at a time. In this regard, concentrate on working for at least 20 minutes each day, regardless of what is happening in your life. There are 24 hours a day – if you have time to sit in front of the TV, you have time to exercise.

Weekend Counting

Exercise from Monday to Friday can be the basis for an inspiring week, followed by a weekend full of alcohol, junk food, and doing as little as possible. Make sure your exercise routine continues over the weekend when you have more time to go out and try exercises that you would not normally do.

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