5 Facts About online Dating To Beware of

Facts About Online Dating: Online dating is more popular than ever, and there is no shortage of dating sites and apps today to cater to even the most demanding serial dater desires.

Most of the popular platforms today, including Tinder, OkCupid, Bumble, and Match.com, have only been around for a few years. But they are attracting more optimists from all over the world. In 2019, Tinder was listed as the first non-playable app when it comes to revenue. Most people swipe well.

As this new game-making experience has gained so much traction, here are a few interesting facts about online dating.

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5 Lovely Dating About Online Dating

1. There are fewer men than women

Facts About Online Dating: There is a widespread misconception that more men are delaying online dating sites than women. The actual number is very equal. According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, approximately 52.4% of men compared to 47.6% of women registered on dating sites, on average.

2. Lying Is Common In Internet Dating

Just as everyone does not like to be lied to, most people – more than 54% actually – are right about photographing something in their profiles. Popular misconceptions focus on physical factors such as height and weight, age, marital status, employment, or income.

Men are mainly lying about their jobs, with about 40% claiming to increase their earnings from a study conducted by the international research organization Opinion Matters. Meanwhile, about 20% of women had claimed to have used older images in their dating profiles in the same study.

3. Online Certificate

Facts About Online Dating: Whether you are new to the subject of online dating or not, most people know that being careful is important when it comes to meeting a new person. There is a certain level of trust that needs to be built first since a foreigner is always a stranger.

It is important to do things like stay in a safe, public place when you first meet. However, there are some security issues when it comes to online chat as well. Everyone knows about common security rules such as keeping social profiles private and checking someone else’s truth on Google.

But something else has improved. For example, using a VPN to avoid being tracked by an IP address, and using a Google Voice number instead of yours. Sitting on top of things like this helps bring peace of mind and makes the experience less stressful.

4. People Prefer Video Chat Before Date One

EHarmony’s Third Annual Happiness Index found that 85% of people think that chatting on a video call is a good idea. This makes sense on many levels.

It gives both people the opportunity to feel free without wasting time (money) each day. But it is also very safe and does not require a friend call with a false emergency if the day goes awry.

5. Continued harassment is a problem

Unfortunately, there is always that person who refuses to take no for an answer. It’s hard not to take things personally in the dating world, and hearing “No, I’m not interested” can be stressful – but for some, it won’t be satisfying.

About 37% of people who use online dating platforms say that someone has been harassing them after they say they are not interested. At the very least, that is according to a new report released by the Pew Research Center. Interestingly, though sadly, 35% of respondents in the report also confirmed that they had been sent unsolicited photographs or explicit messages.


Finally, there are both traps and benefits of online dating. Navigating through all the things you have to do, the things you should not do, and the difficulties of online dating can be difficult and confusing at times, but the rewards can be rewarding.

Also, there is a better chance of meeting that special someone (or a good encounter, no judgment here) than when you don’t try. Here’s the final freebie: about 20% of people in the US reportedly find their health partners online, compared to only 9% who found it in a bar or club.

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