11 ways to use iPhone Siri without Internet with iOS 15

11 ways to use iPhone Siri without Internet with iOS 15: If you are accustomed to using Siri Assistant, keep in mind that Siri can still work offline. Check out this list of useful Siri offline commands for iPhone and iPad that includes messaging, communication, timing, and more.

Launch the app

Siri is no longer disturbed when he is asked to open Photos, Cameras, Settings, Twitter, or other offline applications. You can now say things like ‘Open Photo’ or ‘Open Twitter’ while offline to quickly see the requested application running again.

Music playback control

You can now change the volume, play / pause the music, and move forward / backward when Siri is offline. Just state your desire for media playback controls and Siri will force you, even if your device does not have an internet connection.

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Switch to black mode

In addition to quickly changing Apple’s black mode preferences via the Control Center, you can now ask Siri to do the same even if you don’t have internet access.

Set an alarm

One of the most widely used voice commands is now available when Siri is offline. Now it’s ‘Hello Siri, set my alarm at 5 am, ‘Hello Siri, set my Activity alarm’, ‘Hello Siri, what alarm did I set?’ will work perfectly without a network connection.

Set the timer to count

Cooking, camping, and navigating offline is just as easy as being able to use Siri in offline mode. Simply say your voice commands aloud, such as ‘Set a 3-minute timer’ or ‘Stop timer’, without worrying about whether Siri is online or offline.

Read new messages

Siri can read your texts and Messages while offline. Simply say a command like ‘Read my new messages or something similar. This feature also supports other applications such as Whatsapp.

Customize the light

A dedicated slide in the Control Center is a quick way to adjust the brightness, but sometimes you want precise brightness levels, like 45 percent. Instead of going to the Control Center, you can request Siri while offline and provide brightness-related commands such as ‘Increase Brightness’, ‘Decrease Brightness’, ‘Set Screen Brightness to 35%’, or a similar command number.

Flight mode button

Now, voice commands such as ‘Turn on airplane mode’ and ‘Turn off airplane mode’ will trick Siri into being online or offline. This is useful when AirPlane mode is on and you want to turn it off with your voice, but Siri has no internet connection.

Wi-Fi switching

Another setting you can change with Siri offline is Wi-Fi. With voice commands such as ‘Enable Wi-Fi’ or ‘Turn off Wi-Fi’, you can immediately turn off the Wi-Fi network connection.

Bluetooth switch

This allows you to switch to Bluetooth instantly when Siri is offline with voice commands such as ‘Turn on airplane mode’ and ‘Turn off airplane mode’. When you turn off Bluetooth via Siri, iOS turns off Bluetooth radio completely.

Change mobile data

As Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you can now use your trusted Siri assistant to turn on or off mobile data immediately, even if Siri is offline.

We hope this information will provide you with useful options to make using Siri assistant easier and easier.

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